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Warrenty - Variety Information
The variety information in this catalogue is based on trial records, general field observations, horticultural reports and other sources. We have made every effort to give an accurate and balanced description in orde to provide growers with as fair a choice as possible. But the final choice of a variety must rest with the growers themselves, based on their own experience and assessment.

The data given in this website are without obligation on our part or that of our distributors.

Seed Germination
All our seed stocks are regularly tested for germination. Upon demand we shall gladly make a Seed Technology Laboratory Certificate available for any seed order. In addition, we are able to arrange for Orange International Seed Lot Certificates, at extra cost.

(Relative days to) maturity
Days to maturity may vary within the same region and from one year to the other, depending on growing conditions, soil, air temperatures etc. The maturity given offers a general indication only.

Product Illustrations
The pictures represent the mature crop grown under favourable conditions. Identical results are not guaranteed or implied for all growing conditions.