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Hot Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Pepper LR


Variety    Type Maturity  Fruits       Taste Disease tolerance Remarks
Plant habit Colour Shape Size  
PP 832 F1 Cayenne Early Normal; open Green turning orange   1 x 11 cm
12 gr.
Medium hot - Straight, slightly light orange
FRESNO o.p. Fresno Mid early Bushy; good cover; upright Medium green turning red Conical; tapering to a point; typical bullet shape 8 x 4 cm Mild - Ideal fresh market variety. Continuous picking.
FRESNO SUPREME o.p. Fresno Early Erect; open; pendant Dark green turning red Tapering; more pointed shape than Fresno 8 x 3 cm Hot TM(1) Good uniformity. Very easy to grow
PP 836 F1 Fresno Early Strong; compact Light green turning red Conical 3 x 5 cm
20 gr.
Hot - Upright fruit
PP 837 F1 Fresno Early Erect; strong Light green turning orange Tapered 3 x 5 cm
20 gr.
Medium hot - Upright fruit
PP 838 F1 Fresno Early Slightly erect; strong Light green turning bright yellow Tapered 3 x 5 cm
20 gr.
Medium hot - Upright fruit
SERENADE F1   Early Erect; tall; upright; Green turning dark red Conical; slim; slightly tapered 8 x 2 cm Very hot TM(1)   PVY(0) Export quality fruits. Good shelf life. Can be picked green but preferred for red fruits. Heat resistant. Very concentrated fruit set.
PP 796 F1 Habanero Late Somewhat strong Dark green turning yellow   3,5 x 3,5 cm
15 gr.
Very hot - Striking bright yellow
PP 802 F1 Habanero Late Strong Light green turning red    4 x 4 cm
20 gr.
Very hot - Habanero type.
PP 834 F1 Jalapeno Late Quite strong and open crop Green turning red Mini-point 3 x 6 cm
40 gr.
Medium hot - No cracking. Shiny.
PP 841 F1 Rawit hot pepper Mid late Semi-determinate Green turning red Thai pepper 0,5 x 4 cm
5 gr.
Very hot - Clustering
PP 799 F1 Scotch Bonnet Late Strong Green turning red   5 x 4,5 cm
20 gr.
Extremely hot - Scotch Bonnet- / Mushroomtype
PP 800 F1 Scotch Bonnet Late Somewhat strong Green turning yellow   4 x 4 cm
20 gr.
Hot - Scotch Bonnet- / Mushroomtype

PVY (0) = Potato Y virus (pathotype 0)
TM (1) = Tobacco mosaic virus (pathotype 1)