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WATERMELON (Citrullus lanatus L.)

watermeloen LR

F1 Hybrids(Citrullus lanatus L.)WATERMELON
Variety Maturity Fruits Disease tolerance Remarks
Shape Weight Rind Flesh
PW 353 F1
Mid early Oblong 12 kg Light green with darker veins Bright medium red colour of fine textured flesh A, Fom Advanced hybrid Charleston Grey. Small seeds. Combines productivity and quality.
PW 402 F1
Medium Oblong 8-12 kg Bright green and tough Scarlet red; Brix 12⁰ A, Fom Hybrid Charleston Grey. Large seeds. Well adapted to shipping and rough handling. Excellent eating quality. Strong vigorous plant.
PW 403 F1
Medium Oblong 8-12 kg Light green skin with thin green stripes; Strong Scarlet red; Brix 12⁰ A, Fom Hybrid Charleston Grey. Good shipping quality and cracking tolerance. Excellent eating quality. Strong, vigorous plant.
PW 354 F1
Mid early Round to slightly elongated 11-11,5 kg Distinct light and darker green stripes Medium red A 1- 3, Fom 1 Hybrid Crimson Sweet. Small dark seeds. Widely adapted. Excellent shipper.
PW 375 F1
Mid early Oblong 9,1 kg Strong rind and vibrant medium green stripes on a light green background Deep red colour; Sweet and fine textured A, Fom Outstanding larger hybrid Crimson Sweet. Small black seeds.
PW 383 F1
Early Oval 10 kg Medium dark green stripes; Thick skin Deep red; Tasteful and consistent Fom 0 Hybrid Crimson Sweet with smaller seeds. Black seeded. Very productive plant.
PW 384 F1
Very early Oval to oblong 10-12 kg Excellent thick skin Sweet flesh with good sugar content. Fom 0 Hybrid Crimson Sweet. Black seeded. Very yielding with vigorous and covering plant. Good keeping ability. Suitable for early cultivation in plastic tunnels and also for open field.
PW 391 F1
Mid early Round oval 10-11 kg Intense rind colour;  Striped pattern Attractive red A 1-3, Fom 0-1, WMV, ZYMV Hybrid Crimson type. Small seeds, brown with black speckles.
PW 392 F1
Mid early Round oval 8-10 kg Intermediate rind pattern, medium green striped, light background Attractive red A 1-3, Fom 0-1, VT. Hybrid Crimson Sweet type. Small seeds.
PW 369 F1
(Sugar Baby)
Early Round oval 7-8 kg Dark green Intense red colour, sweet; Brix 11⁰ A, Fom Hybrid Sugar Baby. Few seeds. Good resistance to cracking. Very productive with very strong and green plant
PW 373 F1
(Sugar Baby)
Very early Round 5 kg Dark green and uniform Bright red, crisp and very sweet; Brix 11⁰ A, Fom Hybrid Sugar Baby. Few seeds. Vegetative plants with long cycle of harvesting. Really round. Good keeping ability.
PW 373 F1
(Sugar Baby)
Medium Round 4-6 kg Uniform dark green with stripes; Thin but very firm Attractive red and very juicy CMV, PRSV, ZYMV Hybrid Sugar Baby. Small edible seeds. Superior in field tolerance and plant growth.

A 1-2-3 (= Co) = Anthracnose races 1-2-3
CMV = Cucumber mosaic virus
Fom 0-1 = Fusarium wilt races 0-1
FWR = Fusarium wilt races
PRSV = Papaya ringspot virus
VT = Verticillium wilt
WMV = Watermelon mosaic virus
ZYMV = Zucchini yellow mosaic virus