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BEETROOT (Beta vulgaris var. conditiva alef.)


BEETROOT(Beta vulgaris var. conditiva alef.)BEETROOT
VarietyMaturity   Shape  ColourUseRemarks
BORDO Mid early
(110 days)
Globe Dark red Bunching Processing Productive. Good bolting tolerance.
CRIMSON GLOBE Mid early Globe Purple red Bunching Adapted to warm climates. Bolting tolerant. Tolerant to Downy mildew. Very sweet.
CYLINDRA Late Cylindrical
7-10 cm long  
Dark red Fresh market Processing Good bolting tolerance. Uniform cylindrical shape.
DETROIT DARK RED Mid early Globe Uniform dark red Bunching Processing Standard variety. Heat tolerant. Widely adapted.
EARLY WONDER Early Flattened globe Purple red Bunching For home gardening and bunching. Good bolting tolerance.
EGYPTIAN FLAT Early Flat Purple red Bunching Widely adapted.
RUBY QUEEN Early Globe Dark red General purpose Also good for processing. Round root with fine tap. Widely adapted. Suitable for bunching.