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PARSLEY (Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) nym)


PARSLEY(Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) nym)PARSLEY
Variety Maturity Leaf-type Leaf colour Parsley type Remarks
(110 days)
Flat Dark green Root parsley Halflong, tapered root. Good bolting tolerance.
BRAVOUR Medium early Moss curled, densely curled Dark green Leaf parsley Outstanding variety with vigorous growth. Keeps well after harvesting.
COMMON 2 (PLAIN or SINGLE) Early Flat, deeply cut Medium to dark green Leaf parsley Standard plain variety with excellent flavour. Good bolting resistance. Plants 18 cm.
DARK GREEN ITALIAN Early Flat, moderately cut, glossy Dark green Leaf parsley Attractive plain type. Plants 18 cm.
FRISÉ VERT FONCÉ Late Moss curled, extra curled Bright green Leaf parsley Finely curled, attractive variety.
MOSS CURLED 2 Early Finely cut, densely curled Dark green Leaf parsley Mainly used for garnishing. Does not yellow easily. Plants 13 cm.