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RADISH (Raphanus sativus L. var. sativus)


RADISH (Raphanus sativus L. var. sativus)RADISH
Variety Maturity Exterior colour Shape Flesh Foliage Remarks
18 DAYS Early
(30-35 days)
Rose scarlet with white tip Cylindrical Crisp and firm Short Traditional variety with good yield.
CHAMPION Mid late Bright scarlet Globe Very firm Short Good keeper. Not recommended for hot weather.
CHERRY BELLE Early Bright cherry red Globe Very firm and crisp Short Warm season variety. Good forcing radish.
CRIMSON GIANT Late Deep red Globe Very firm and crisp Short Good heat tolerance.
FRENCH BREAKFAST (FLAMBOYANT) Early Rose scarlet with white tip Oblong; blunt Rather coarse Medium Excellent variety for home gardening.
NATIONAL / SPARKLER / COPENHAGEN MARKET Mid late Bright scarlet with pronounced white tip Almost globe Crisp and firm Medium Very popular home gardening variety.
RIESENBUTTER Late Bright red Globe Crisp Tall Outdoor variety.
SAXA Early Bright scarlet red Globe Crisp and firm Short Good keeper.
SCARLET GLOBE Mid early Deep scarlet Globe Very good quality Medium Very attractive bunching variety.
WHITE ICICLE Mid early White Elongated, tapered; smooth Crisp and mild Medium Attractive variety.