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WATERMELON (Citrullus lanatus L.)


VarietyMaturityFruitsSeed size / colourDisease toleranceRemarks
ShapeSize    WeightRindFlesh
CHARLESTON GREY Mid early Oblong 60 x 25 cm 12 kg Light green with darker veins; hard Bright red; smooth, firm and sweet Large / Brown mottled F A Standard variety. Excellent shipper.
CONGO Mid late Oblong 45 x 30 cm 14 kg Medium green with darker stripes; very thick Red; firm and sweet Cream with brown tips A Productive. Good shipper.
CRIMSON SWEET Mid early Round to slightly elongated 30 x 25 cm 11 kg Distinct light and dark green stripes; tough Vivid red; very sweet; exquisite quality Medium size / Mottled dark brown F A Good shipper. Excellent disease resistance.
GREYBELLE Early Nearly round 25 x 20 cm 7 kg Light grey green with darker veins Dark pink Medium size / Brown A Popular variety in Northern Africa.
JUBILEE Mid late Oblong 60 x 30 cm 12 kg Light green back-ground with distinct darker stripes Bright red; with sweet excellent flavour and colour Large / Black-brown F A Good shipper.
SUGAR BABY Early Round Ø 20 cm 4 kg Dark green with distinct veins; tough Bright red; finely grained sweet texture Small / Dark brown - Very early, compact standard variety.



A Anthracnose
F Fusarium wilt
V Verticillium
There are several races of each disease.
Varieties may be resistant or tolerant to only the given race(s).