Quality seeds from Holland

Perfect match for every climate

Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds is a seed brand of Zasco, based in the Netherlands. From our office in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, we export our high quality vegetable seeds to countries in Africa, Middle-East and Central Asia. We strongly believe that the perfect match between high quality seeds and the local growing conditions is what makes your crops prosper. Creating that perfect match, together with our clients, is what we are specialized in.

@Home in the world

Long term relationships

We manage several large-scale seed-production facilities in tropical parts of the world. Since the 1960’s, we had our permanent branch in Arusha, Tanzania. We believe in an unconditional customer focus and long term relationships with our clients. Being internationally active for over 60 years, we know our way around in the world. Be it by truck, courier, airplane or vessel; our professional and experienced team feels responisible until your shipment is in your possession.

We feel responsible

Logistics and service

As we operate in a large number of countries, we know how to prepare an impeccable set of documents, including certificates of origin, legalization at embassies, ISTA, GMO and OECD certificates, import permits, letters of credit and bank drafts. Since we understand that labelling is essential, our packaging comes with an attractive picture and tailor-made texts.