Our passion for great genetics combined with KWS’s superior technology already delivered some great results.

Seeding the future

The power of partnership

Since 2019, we are a part of the KWS family. KWS is one of the world’s largest independent seed companies. We feel very much at home with their long term perspective and sustainable vision on breeding and farming.

R&D Director Jan de Visser

‘A healthy candystore’

‘To me as a genetics geek, the partnership with KWS was like a candystore opening up; a healthy one that is. Some of KWS’s research findings, for instance in the field of disease resistance in (sugar) beet, we could implement directly into our own breeding programs. With instant quality improvement as a result. Also, we are currently looking into adopting some of KWS’s innovative production techniques, such as monitoring production fields by satellite. Very interesting for us, when you consider that our seeds are grown all over the world. In time, these techniques may also be of value to our clients.’

ICT Manager Jits Ursem

‘Extra brainpower’

'It’s not only in the field of breeding and R&D that we benefit from the partnership with a strong mother company. We also welcome a sparring partner in other aspects of the business", our IT Director Jits Ursem explains. ‘Being bigger, KWS has a lot of inhouse specialists. In our field, information technology, it’s nice to be able to consult with a fellow professional. Sometimes to hear new things, sometimes just to have your own thoughts and ideas confirmed. And with our agile team and way of working in Andijk, we can help the colleagues at KWS out as well, so it actually works both ways.’