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About us

Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds BV is a Dutch family-owned international seed company, based in The Netherlands. Our department offers open pollinated and hybrid vegetable seeds for use in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. Our commitments to our customers are: quality, reliability and logistics control.

kantoor-webWe own several seed producing facilities in tropical parts of the world. We only produce in the best suitable areas, to reduce the risk of infection with seed borne diseases. Therefore we are able to offer a wide range of vegetable seeds of excellent quality, well-adapted to be used in the (sub)tropics. Of course, our price structure always remains competitive. Our quality control starts right in the production field and ends only when the seeds leave our store on their way to the customer. In Andijk we have an experienced quality team that tests all our seed lots for germination, purity, moisture content, viability and vigour. Our quality procedure meets the stringent criteria of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).

We feel that being a reliable supplier is equally as important as supplying a reliable product. Therefore we will do our utmost to supply as agreed. However, vegetable seeds are a product of nature, which means that availability and quality may vary from expectations. We realize it is important to keep you updated about the delivery of your order.

No documents = No import
Any importer of vegetable seeds knows that when importing seeds, the shipment being properly documented is essential. Assisting you to import our Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds without problems. That's a service we are happy to provide! Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds has an excellent team of sales service professionals, who are very experienced in the export of vegetable seeds worldwide. Whether by truck, courier, airplane or vessel. It is our daily job to prepare and deal with certificates of origin, legalization by embassies, ISTA certificates, GMO, OECD, non-radiation certificates, import permits, Inco terms, bank drafts, letters of credit, waivers and pre-shipment inspections.