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LEEK (Allium porrum L.)


LEEK (Allium porrum L.)LEEK
Variety    MaturityStalk SizeGeneral description
BULGARIAN GIANT Mid early 40 x 5 cm Main use for industry/processing. High yielding.
CARENTAN 2 Mid late 23 x 5 cm Large, good white stems. Standard variety for warm climates. Very hardy and productive.
GROS LONG D'ETE Early 25 x 5 cm Medium green leaves. Fast growing. Especially suitable for warm climates.
ITALIAN GIANT Mid early 24 x 6 cm Thick stems. Plants are large and erect growing with blue-green leaves.
NEPTUNE Early 23 x 5 cm Hardy, dark plants. Peels well. Moderate rust resistance.
TORNADO Early 18 x 6 cm Bold, medium dark plants with upright leaves. Mammoth type.
ZERMATT Early 26 x 5 cm Long shaft with erect leaves, good base. Moderate rust resistance.