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PUMPKIN (Cucurbita maxima duchesne)


PUMPKIN (Cucurbita maxima duchesne)PUMPKIN
ATLANTIC GIANT Late on average 18-22 kg Round Medium orange; smoot, wide rib Yellow to orange Extra large size of exhi- bition pumpkin. Weight record is over 75 kg.
BIG MAX Late up to 25 kg Round Waxy light orange Pale yellow Largest exhibition variety.
CONNECTICUT FIELD Mid late up to 11 kg Flattened Deep orange; smooth, slightly ribbed Pale orange-yellow; thick and coarse Standard variety. Large vines.
FLAT WHITE BOER Late 10 kg Flat Whitish with some netting Orange Very popular variety in Africa with excellent quality.
YELLOW PUMPKIN (= GELE REUZEN) Late up to 40 kg Round Yellow; netted Yellow Long storage. Good taste.