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TOMATO (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)


TOMATO(Lycopersicon esculentum L.)TOMATO
Variety Maturity Plant type Fruits  Remarks
ShapeAverage sizeDisease resistance
ACE 55 Mid late Determinate; good strong cover Oblate 170 g VFo A Thick walls. Excellent colour.
Campbell 33 Mid late Determinate; compact plant type, with very good cover Slightly flat globe 140 g VFo  
CAL ACE / ACE Mid late Determinate; strong heavy cover Deep oblate 200 g VFo A Firm, smooth type. Better than avarage fruit set.
CAL J Mid early Determinate; large plants Square 85 g VFo Productive.
CASTLE ROCK Early Determinate Square 100 g VFo Excellent productivity. Very firm fruits. Also good for processing.
CAYAMBE Early Determinate; compact, mid covering Square-round 80 g VFo-1 Very firm fruits with good colour. Widely adapted variety.
CHICO III Mid early Determinate; compact plants Pear 60 g Fo S Widely adapted. Sets well under high temperatures.
EARLY URBANA Mid late Determinate Globe 120 g VFo G.S.
FLORADADE Mid late Determinate; large plants Deep oblate 140 g VFo S A Firm fruits. Good shipper. G.S.
HEINZ 1350 Mid late Determinate; compact Deep oblate 130 g VFo Resistant against cracking. Standard processing and home-gardening type.
HEINZ 1370 Mid late Determinate; good cover Globe 130 g VFo Very firm fruits.
HEINZ 2274 Mid early Determinate; medium vigorous plants Globe 130 g Fo S Very firm fruits. Very productive.
MARGLOBE Mid early Indeterminate; medium cover Deep globe 150 g Fo S Standard cultivar. Good productivity. Adapted to humid conditions. G.S.
MARMANDE Early Semi-determinate; medium plant type Oblate; ribbed 170 g Fo S Standard cultivar. Good shipper. Prolific. G.S.
MONEYMAKER Early Indeterminate; medium plant type, well vigorous Deep globe 95 g - Standard type. Smooth fruits. Prolific. Uniform green coloured before riping.
NAPOLI Mid early Determinate; compact plants, good cover Pear 50 g VFo Basically a processing type.
OXHEART Late Indeterminate; large open plants Heart shaped 200 g - Old home-gardening type. G.S.
PAKMOR Mid early Determinate; large plants Flat globe 200 g VFoS G.S.
PEARSON IMPROVED Mid early Determinate; large plants, good cover Flat globe 150 g VFo Standard cultivar. Heavy yielder. G.S.
PETO 86 Early Determinate; compact, mid covering Square-round 80 g VFo Very firm fruits with good colour. Widely adapted variety.
RED CHERRY Mid early Indeterminate; large plants Deep globe 20 g - Excellent shipper. Attractive salad type.
RED CLOUD Mid early Determinate; medium plant type Deep oblate /globe 150 g VFo Well-known variety in the Middlle East. G.S.
RED KHAKI Mid early Determinate; well vigorous Globe 170 g VFo G.S.
RIO FUEGO Mid early Determinate; mid sized plants Deep globe 95 g VFo Very firm fruits.
RIO GRANDE Mid late Determinate; compact plants Deep globe 120 g VFo-1 Jointless fruits.
ROMA VF Mid early Determinate; strong heavy cover Pear 60 g VFo Very popular variety in Africa and Asia. Also good for processing.
ROMA VFN Early Determinate:
strong heavy cover
Pear 70 g VFo N Good shelf-life
ROSSOL Late Determinate; strong plants Pear 60 g VFo N TM1 Roma type, mainly for processing.
SAN MARZANO Late Indeterminate; fairly large plants with good cover Pear 70 g - Used primarily for processing. G.S.
SPECIAL PACK Mid early Determinate; large plants Deep oblate 200 g VFo Standard variety for Middle East.
ST. PIERRE Late Indeterminate; vigorous growth Globe 150 g - G.S.
STRAIN B Mid late Determinate; medium large plant type Deep globe 110 g VFo Productive. Very popular in the Middle East. G.S.
SUPER MARMANDE VF Early Semi-determinate; medium plants with good cover Flat, ribbed 180 g VFo Good variety for the Middle East. Shows tolerance to salinity. G.S.
TROPIC Mid late Indeterminate; vigorous growth Deep oblate 200 g VFo S Highly productive. G.S.
UC 105 Mid late Determinate; vigorous growth Square 80 g VFo Very firm fruits.
UC 82 B Early Determinate; small plant type Square 70 g VFo Very firm fruits. Good productivity. Originally a processing type.
URBANA Mid late Determinate; good covering, vigorous Deep globe 170 g VFo Good firmness and keeping quality
VF 10 Early Determinate; mid-vigour Square 80 g VFo Fruits with high colour and brix. Widely adapted and very yielding variety.
VFN 8 Mid early Determinate; large plant type Deep globe 140 g VFo N TM(1) Standard type with Nematode resistance is required.

 POP.003 illus tomato


A = Alternaria (Early blight)
C = Cladosporium (Leaf mould)
F0 = Fusarium wilt, race 0
F1 = Fusarium wilt, race 1
N = Root knot nematodes
S = Stemphylium (Grey leaf spot)
V = Verticillium
TM(1) = Tobacco mosaic virus, race 1
TM(2) = Tobacco mosaic virus, race 2
G.S. = Green shoulders: unripe fruits do not show uniform colour.